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Florida Medical Marijuana NEW 70 Day Dosing Limits

If you are a Florida Medical Cannabis Patient or Physician or MMTC then you should have received an email Friday around 3pm from the Florida DOH informing you of new dosing limits which will be enacted on Monday, August 29. That's right, a 2 day warning to patients that soon their medicine may be more regulated and controlled.

FL DOH has enacted an Emergency Ruling in regards to patients dosing amounts for all 70 day routes which includes Inhalation, Oral, Sublingual, Edibles, Topicals and Suppositories,

Please see chart below:

Route of Administration

Daily Dose Amount

70 Day Supply Limit


60 mg THC

4,200 mg THC

Inhalation (e.g. vaporization)

350 mg THC

24,500 mg THC

Oral (e.g. capsules, tinctures)

200 mg THC

14,000 mg THC

Sublingual (e.g. sublingual tinctures)

190 mg THC

13,300 mg THC


190 mg THC

13,650 mg THC

Topical (e.g. creams)

150 mg THC

10,500 mg THC

Marijuana in a form of smoking

2.025 GRAMS


Please note that although Flower is in this chart, there is no change to the allotment. Florida patients are still allowed 2.5 oz every 35 days but broken down into a daily dose it calculates as 2.025 GRAMS which is the number seen in the above chart.

Another very important point is this: patients are only allowed an AGGREGATED total of 24,500 mg every 70 days which means that if you need the maximum amount of Inhalation then inhalation will be the ONLY route that you may be recommended for as the maximum amount for that route is 24,500 mg - the aggregated total maximum of mg the FL DOH states that you may have in 70 days.

Patients currently within their 70 day recommendation will not have their mg altered, but upon renewal time, the patient and treatment team will need to analyze usage to adjust mg according to state limits.

Florida MJ recommending physicians will be allowed to file paperwork to “ask” for limit exemptions but please keep in mind that ultimately the decision will be up to whoever is reviewing this information once sent out to FL DOH.

As always, The Releaf Clinic is here to support our patients and will work diligently in assuring each patient receives the care and treatment each deserves. Please be patient with us during this time as the state has given the clinics no further information than what patients received. As always, you can reach out to us via phone, email or social media with any questions. Thank you to all of our patients that have continued to support our patient focused, family business!

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