The Releaf Clinic

Founded in 2017, The Releaf clinics have been pioneers in the medical marijuana industry here in Florida.  Started in Jacksonville but now happily serving patients of Pensacola and South Florida as well, The Releaf Clinics have always taken pride in providing education and affordable prices to medical marijuana patients all over the sunshine state.

In South Florida, we have Dr. Yumang. Dr Yumang is new to medical marijuana but is eager to assist patients with their decision in utilizing medical marijuana as a treatment option.

Meet Dr. Napoleon de Padua, physician in Jacksonville, FL for over 40 years..  Dr. Nap is happy to have the opportunity to meet new patients every day at The Releaf Clinic and provide medical marijuana as an option to patients.

Dr. Riney is our physician in Pensacola.  He has been a part of the medical marijuana community since the beginning of the passing of Amendment 2.  Dr. Riney is happy to provide the safer option of marijuana to patients for a variety of medical conditions.  

Our Promise


Our doctors and staff are compassionate and knowledgeable, we will assist you every step of the way in obtaining your Florida medical marijuana recommendation card.

We will strive to ensure that every patient that enters our Releaf Clinic offices receive the time, respect, and consideration they deserve across all of our locations.

Jessica Roberts

Meet Our Founders

Renard and Jessica have been long time medical marijuana activists in states up north (Massachusetts and Rhode Island) but decided to bring their passion back down to Renard's home state of Florida in 2017 shortly after nearly 72% of Floridians voted YES for medical marijuana.  Inspired by family member saved by medical marijuana and after growing medical cannabis for both the dispensary and patients, Renard and Jessica packed up and sold their home in Rhode Island to open The Releaf Clinics here in Florida.  Their vision when opening up The Releaf Clinic was to provide affordable care and education to as many patients as possible here in Florida. 

Renard Peeples

Serena morrisey

Larry Morrisey

Samantha Jefferson

Cordell Jefferson

Meet the owners of the South Florida (Serena and Larry Morrisey) and Pensacola (Samantha and Cordell Jefferson) offices.  Our medical cannabis recommendation clinics are family owned which is an important factor in what makes us different in how we operate because we value each patient as if they were also family.  All owners have witnessed how medical marijuana can change patient’s lives and are personally motivated to educate and inform all Florida residents how to also become medical marijuana patients.

Our Leadership Team

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